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New Begining (LOL
Sunday, 24 July 2016 • 22:45 • 0 comments

hello people(s)
it's been a long time . since I did not write . lol . well I just opened again my shitty blog . I actually just too lazy after SPM and decided to sleep all day (LOL NO MY MOM WOULD BE ANGRY)
nah I'm just busy with stuffs and after like 7 months of waiting UPU result ( I mean which university will I go ) so I got UiTM Arau Perlis LOL , well I actually didn't want to come here because I tought I wanna continue form 6 with my best best best best friend Syaza but my mom told me to come here and well I agree since I really wanted to further my studies out of  Kelantan 
( but damn now I am missing Kelantan shit shit )
oh my SPM result wasn't that bad . I passed the criteria to continue my studies in foundation for English or they said it was BENS . but seems like UIA rejected me so I get UiTM instead . well at first , I didn't really like it .
 (fyi I cried whole night because UIA rejected me but I still have to ACCEPT THE FACT that I got rejected )
BUT ...
I have fun here . Just love it even some of my classmates sucks LOL  (classmates is always sucks)
but I just love it here . well my roomate is kewl and some of Kelantan people here is kind to me and we get along well.
SOMETIMES I wish that I am in form 6 . srsly Syaza's classmates was freakin funny . I saw her enjoying her days while me . ugh . I became lazier day by day LOL . I am unmotivated so I must be motivated quickly . tbh what am I doing hahahahhaa..... I should think of my parents . well ,,,,,, gonna be motivated and productive soon . fighting to myself.
I didn't have boyfriend at the age of 18 . I tought I'll have one when I come to university but ... 
I guess I should wait for Jeon Jungkook . There's no choice hahahahaahha
I'm off to class. See you soon c:

Monday, 4 May 2015 • 10:30 • 0 comments

Hey peeps
its been a long time since I didnt update .. well i was fcking busy with my shcool acitivities and exams .. and tomorrow is going to be an examination day while other students enjoy the school event called HARI KOPERASI SEKOLAH ..

okay ignore that 

life is always like a tyre i guess ? sometimes we're on the top and sometimes we're at the bottom .. and that's it .. our feeling too 

i dont get it...i guess im just being too emotional lol :v

and Im bad noawadays utill I cant give my own sister some good advice to herself ... and some problems that attacked me lately made me go CRAZY and I usually gettin the annoying nosebleed but somehow I enjoyed it ekekkeke .. 

all people was throwing a load onto me . I need to handle ll those things that I shouldnt .. You know what ? it feels like being used and sometimes I felt stupid because Im the only one who made all the works .. where is the teamwork in our group  lol they just know to told this and that but they didnt do anything instead of me 

hey please im a human too . cant they just respect me ? lol theyre nuts i guess -_-

and rn atm im having a bad headache plus migraine and im glad there is no any sign of nosebleeding kekekeke ..

okay i guess i am too much.. gonna staph here....gn peeps

I got myself back
Wednesday, 18 March 2015 • 06:58 • 0 comments

Assalamualaikum and Annyeonghaseyo >_<

so yesterday I am in a freaking bad mood and myself is getting weird .. lol 
I don't have any idea what happens to me and I became childish
that annoyed me I guess


so Syaz came over my house and she said she knows that I'm ain't okay and adviced me to be positive and she knows it I could change myself to a better person
well she made me speechless .. OMG well..when your friend do something for your own good and really care about you.. I guess you'll feel that too right ?


tbh I never had a friend like this .. and I admit it she was too kind and this is my first time having such bestie who tought me about life and everything..
wait I already told ya she is my twin sister ..yes she's my bestie ,my honey , my sister and my everything 


she said that she wouldn't leave me and always be by my side .. yeah I know it was a promise.. she even said that someday,, we should held our wedding ceremony together .. omggg hahaha .. and I told her that I want one of my children married to one of her children .. 


I think our future husband will get surprised of our plan hahahah .. well whatsoever.. its normal for a girl to talk about that with their bestie right ??


let me tell you .. if you have a best friend .. who would ever be with you even you're sad or happy.. do not let her/him go because she /he will know how to help you .. okay ? :D


because real friend show their loves in time of trouble and happiness <3
and they will do anything for your own good even that will hurt you


so please appreciate them ;)

Monday, 16 March 2015 • 23:40 • 0 comments


So it's been a long time since I didnt update my bloggie .. and I had some renew on my blog..deleting all my old annoying posts and I guess I'll change the blogskin later.. so I am back with the new me lol

lately Im not in a mood with this and that problem like my LIFE REALLY SUCKS ..

sometimes that I feel like Im hating myself Im a bad person EVER till .. um  hell yeah I dont even know what is my problem ._. 


I tried everything to gain my SPIRITS back but I still cant .. seriously what is my FUCKIN problem I dont even knowww... Im being jealousy.. emotional and too many things.. I am weird and people do notice my change.. they said that I am too serious and they need the old me with my annoying gummy smile


how I wish I can gain my real self back .. I really want and I hope I could .. because if I could.. I would .. and I know it I could


sooooo I NEED MY OLD ME